Mystery Parties for Teens ...

The Art Gallery Murder (CSI-type Murder Mystery)

Case of the Disappearing Dance Diva (Murder Mystery)

A Cereal Killer? (Sleepover)

Colorado Bones and the Temple of Death (Adventure)

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die? (1950s Party, Scripted with Cast)

The Curse of the Egyptian Statue (Egyptian Murder Mystery)

Deadly Ever After (Literary Mystery)

Death and the City (all teen girl version) (Hollywood)

Death by Chocolate (all girl teen version) (Valentine's Day)

Death by Chocolate (teen version) (Valentine's Day)

Death of a Bluesman (Music Party)

Death of a Dancer (Broadway, Theater)

Death of a Pirate (teen version) (Pirate)

Death of a Teen Idol (Music Party)

Death of a Vampire (teen version) (Vampire)

A Devilish Masquerade (Halloween)

Diamond Thief (Private School Setting)

A Fatal Fairy Tale (Fairy Tales)

The Great Hope Diamond C(h)ase (Heist-type Mystery)

The Hatchet, Esquire (CSI-type Murder Mystery)

The Hip-Hop Murder (Music Party)

Horror in the Haunted House (all girl teen version) (Halloween)

Horror in the Haunted House (teen version (Halloween)

Intrigue on the Interstate (Murder Mystery)

Love and Lies on the Lentini Line (teen version) (Tropical Setting, Scripted with Cast)

Murder 90210 (1990s Party)

Murder at Mudstuck Festival (Murder Mystery)

Murder at the Hop (1950s Party)

Murder by Magic (Magic, Murder Mystery)

Murder in the Wild West (large group teen version) (Old West, Scripted with Cast)

Murder in the Wild West (teen version) (Old West)

Murder on the Venice Express (Murder Mystery)

The Pink Lace Diamond (Murder Mystery, Scripted with Cast)

The Psycho Circus (teen version) (Circus Setting)

Shore Secret (Murder Mystery)

Summoned (all teen girl version) (Halloween)

Summoned (teen version) (Halloween)

Talent Show Tragedy (Murder Mystery)

The Teen Idol Mystery (Music Party)

That '60s Murder (1960s Party)

That '70s Murder (1970s Party)

Vanishing Act (Magic, Murder Mystery)

We wish you a Merry Murder (Christmas)

Welcome to the Neighborhood (Backyard Setting, Murder Mystery)

The White Wizard's Convention (Murder Mystery)

A Wild Western Tragedy (Wild West, Murder Mystery)

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