Mystery Parties for Kids ...

Beverly Hills Assassin (Murder Mystery)

The Beverly Hills Cheerleader Murder (Murder Mystery)

Bigfoot Encounter (Campfire Stories, Scripted with Cast)

The Case of the Stolen Menorah (Hannukkah)

The Christmas Crimes (Christmas)

Fairy Games (Fairies, Scavenger Hunt)

The Great Chocolate Mystery (Valentine's Day)

The Hatshepsut Plot (Egyptian)

Horrible Happenings in the Haunted House (Halloween, Haunted House)

A Knight's Quest (Medieval, Scavenger Hunt)

The Legend of Goldie Rushmore's Long Lost Loot (Wild West, Scavenger Hunt)

Love Potion Number Five (Valentine's Day)

The Masthead Mutiny (Pirate)

The Mystery of the Empty Easter Bunny Basket (Easter)

The Mystery of Mrs. Mexiflower's Missing Marks (School Setting)

The Mystery of the Vanishing Vampire (Vampire)

Trouble At The Masters Stables (Sports, Ranch Setting)

A Viking Mystery (family version) (Viking)

Which Witch Did The Switch? (Halloween, Magic)

Who Cancelled Christmas (Christmas)

Who Stole Blake Beard's Booty (Pirate)

World Animal Rescue (Zoo Setting, Scavenger Hunt)

World Animal Rescue II: Mysterious Creatures (Zoo Setting, Scavenger Hunt)

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