A Wild Western Tragedy, a Mystery Party for Teens

A Wild Western Tragedy

Overview Ö This simple to use murder mystery guests of all ages is a great way to entertain your family and friends and transport them into the adventurous times of the wild, Wild West. Címon and belly up to the bar in the Dusty Boot Saloon, and join in the fun!

Theme(s): Wild West, Murder Mystery.

Recommended for: 8 to 16 guests .

Rating: Everyone.

Description Ö Everyone in the town of Bucksnort is shocked at the news that one of their most popular citizens, Wild Will Hiccup, has been murdered. Since all of the folks around town are suspects in this act of foul play, a meeting has been called at the Dusty Boot Saloon to solve this mysterious crime. Who would have dared take out the "deadliest gunman of the West?"

All guests will have fun playing their unique characters and investigating this unpredictable outcome.

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