The Outlaw Mayor of Bluegrass, a Mystery Party for Adults

The Outlaw Mayor of Bluegrass

Overview Old West political thriller in large-group format. Small cast of 5 acts out the mystery. Guests vote.

Theme(s): Old West, Scripted with Cast.

Recommended for: 5 or more guests (with a cast of 5).

Rating: Everyone.

Description It's town meeting time in the Old West town of Bluegrass, time to vote on some very important town propositions. The meeting is just about to get underway. The whole town is there at the meeting hall, but Mayor Walker Sanford is no where to be found! All he left behind was a cryptic note. Now Sheriff C. W. Frank and a town council full of scandalous, eclectic characters have to find out who among them is worthy to replace the mayor and bring back order and justice to this unruly Old West town.

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