The Haunting of Bainbridge Manor, a Mystery Party for Adults

The Haunting of Bainbridge Manor

Overview A classic murder mystery game played in rounds. Great choice for Halloween or any night of the year!

Theme(s): Halloween.

Recommended for: 8 guests.

Rating: Mature (17 and older).

Description Ten years ago, lovely Lynnette Bainbridge was murdered during a costume ball at the glamorous Bainbridge Manor. The culprit was never discovered. It is rumored that Lynnette's spirit does not rest peacefully, but endlessly prowls the halls of Bainbridge Manor, waiting for justice. Now, all who attended the costume ball on that fateful night have gathered again at Bainbridge Manor, this time in the hopes that together they can discover once and for all who murdered Lynnette Bainbridge, so that her spirit can be at peace. Come to Bainbridge Manor and solve a ten-year-old murder!

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