World War II: Operation Sunshine, a Mystery Party for Adults

World War II: Operation Sunshine

Overview World War II themed adult mystery with pilots, celebrities, doctors, and nurses. Fun atmosphere!

Theme(s): 1940s Party.

Recommended for: 7 to 16 guests.

Rating: Everyone.

Description During WWII, American soldiers set up field hospitals in Europe to treat casualties of war. In Italy, one field hospital is preparing for a USO show, complete with famous celebrity performers! Suddenly they get some unexpected arrivals. Elite pilots on a secret mission in Germany show up at the already chaotic hospital seeking medical treatment for minor injuries. The party-crashing pilots suddenly realize that no one has seen their commander, General Roberts, since their planes first landed. As pilots, hospital staff, and celebrities search for the general, they start to wonder, is there someone at the hospital who is not all he or she appears to be? Will the USO show be able to go on? Army personnel and celebrities alike must work together to find the General and uncover the terrible secret behind his disappearance before the Operation Sunshine is blown and the war is lost.

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