The Psycho Circus (teen version), a Mystery Party for Teens

The Psycho Circus (teen version)

Overview Ever thought of running away and joining the circus? Think again. Play this eerily entertaining and challenging circus murder mystery game. All guests will play but some from the grave.

Theme(s): Circus Setting.

Recommended for: 8 to 13 guests.

Rating: Teen (13 and older).

Description Ladies and Gents, hold your horses the circus is in town! But where is Reginald the Ringmaster? He's nowhere to be found on the Freaky Fairground. All that's left of him is his top hat which was found in the lion's cage. And the lion is not hungry

As the circus misfits get closer and closer to solving the mystery, more of them will die strange and seemingly inexplicable deaths, each with a mysterious Tarot card left behind at the scene of the crime. Will they be able to work together to solve the crimes before "The Psycho Circus" opens? After all, the show must go on

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