Death at the Vicarage, a Mystery Party for Adults

Death at the Vicarage

Overview This simple to use, entertaining murder mystery is appropriate for both first timers and regular players. With scripted dialogue to enhance the rounds, this murder mystery manages to draw out all the usual problems, as well as some of the more unusual ones inherent in a church congregation. Leaving us with multiple suspects for the dastardly dead!

Theme(s): English Village Setting.

Recommended for: 6 to 12 guests with 1 optional inspector .

Rating: Mature (17 and older).

Description Treddlethorpe is a sleepy village with a small Roman Catholic Church at its heart, which goes by the name of TreddleThorpe All Sinners. However, their usual humdrum church business is disrupted when the congregation discovers that one of their deacons has been murdered in the manse of all places!

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