The Murder Game, a Mystery Party for Adults

The Murder Game

Overview Who would kill Ann Nonomus? And where? And why? Play "The Murder Game" and find out!

Theme(s): Roaring '20s Party.

Recommended for: 6 to 8 guests (including host).

Rating: Everyone.

Description Was it Blackie Knight in the Music Room? Was it Rusty Foxe in the Picture Gallery? Or was it Skye Blue in the Wine Cellar? Sound familiar? Here's the chance for you and your guests to play this classic whodunnit of who, where, and why for you set in a mysterious grand home during the "Roaring '20s." As each round of the game is played everyone (if they ask the right questions) can detect the where (there are 8 rooms), the who (8 suspects) and the why (8 different motives) of this most intriguing murder.

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