Death of a Wizard, a Mystery Party for Adults

Death of a Wizard

Overview A murder mystery game set in the magical world of witches and wizards. Join Wizard Oscar Winner and Witch Enva Lope at the fifty first Academy of Magic Awards and see who wins one of the coveted Merlins. Ideal for a Halloween Party.

Theme(s): Halloween.

Recommended for: 8 to 14 guests.

Rating: Mature (17 and older).

Description The night is October 31st and the cream of the world of witches and wizards are gathering at the studios of WIZ TV in Magic World for the Merlins, the fifty first annual awards of the Academy of magic. The ceremony will be presented as usual by Wizard Oscar Winner, the founder and owner of WIZ TV and the creator of the Merlins. Oscar will be joined on stage by his lovely wife, Witch Enva Lope, who will co-present the glittering awards. So put on your best evening robes and see who's walking down the red carpet for a night they will never forget. What shocks await the magical audience?

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