Love, Lust and Lies on the Lentini Line, a Mystery Party for Adults

Love, Lust and Lies on the Lentini Line

Overview A scripted murder mystery set on a train and in a villa in 1950s Sicily.

Theme(s): Tropical Setting, Scripted with Cast.

Recommended for: 12 or more guests.

Rating: Mature (17 and older).

Description The year is 1952 and retired US Admiral, Perry Scope, has invited his family and friends to join him for a house party at his villa in Eastern Sicily.The guests are arriving on the train from Siracusa to Lentini having come from all corners of the globe by air and sea. Perry's trusty secretary, Miss Elaine Fischent will be organising everybody and everything with her usual ruthless efficiency. What could possibly go wrong?

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