Murder on Starship Endeavor, a Mystery Party for Adults

Murder on Starship Endeavor

Overview A science fiction based murder mystery for older teens or adults, great for the person into star ships and galactic goings-on.

Theme(s): Outer Space Setting.

Recommended for: 6 to 8 guests.

Rating: Everyone.

Description All is not well on the the starship Endeavor, flagship of the Galactic Planetary Alliance. Ambassador Anubis of the Tal Orkae, on board to negotiate a peace treaty, has been murdered. Needless to say, the political fallout from such a tragedy will have far reaching consequences. The Tal Orkaen empire is demanding to know who killed their ambassador. If Captain Jonas Forrester can't solve the murder this incident could be the spark that ignites an inter-galactic war. A little history: The Galactic Planetary Alliance and the Tal Orkaen empire have been at odds ever since they became aware of each others existence. This led to all out galactic war in which billions of people lost their lives on both sides. At present, they are at peace, but the peace is shaky to say the least. The Tal Orkae have sent their ambassador, Anubis to negotiate a more official peace treaty with the Alliance. Anubis and Captain Forrester have a history. The Captain was held prisoner and tortured by Anubis during the war. Adding to the tension even more, while the ambassador has been on board the Endeavor's ship counselor Lt. Amanda Silva has been telepathically raped. She says that the face she saw during the rape was that of Anubis but that is not conclusive evidence against the Ambassador. Now the ambassador is dead and the murderer must be found to avoid a second galactic war with the Tal Orkae.

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