The Case of the Stolen Menorah, a Mystery Party for Kids

The Case of the Stolen Menorah

Overview A menorah is stolen! This clue-based game culminates into other games and a scavenger hunt. Perfect for family parties and teens.

Theme(s): Hannukkah.

Recommended for: 6 to 30 or more boys and girls.

Rating: Everyone.

Description A letter arrives from a long lost great uncle who happens to be an archaeologist. In his letter, he discloses that he has discovered a scroll that mentions the menorah from the second temple. According to the scroll, after the first miracle of oil, the menorah would always stay lit; it actually was an eternal flame.

He believes that your menorah could be the original menorah. His grandmother insisted that one of your ancestors rescued it before the temple was looted. He never believed her, but now he urges you to light the menorah and see how long the candles burn. If the candles don't burn out, then you've got a precious artifact on your hands!

Curiosity gets the best of the family, and everyone decides to check out the claim. When they go to get the family menorah, it's gone! The clues and games culminate into a scavenger hunt.

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