Once Upon A Murder, a Mystery Party for Adults

Once Upon A Murder

Overview Jack, the famous hill climber and pail carrier has been drowned in a pail of water. Sometimes "once upon a time" does not end "happily ever after". A fun party suited to everyone!

Theme(s): Fictional Characters.

Recommended for: 6 to 8 guests.

Rating: Everyone.

Description In a land not too far away (maybe even closer that you think), a group of somewhat familiar characters gather to solve a mystery. The leader of the group, Jack Hill, noted mountain climber and carrier of pails has been murdered ... drowned in a pail of water. Pinned to his body is a frightening note. His friends include Beau (the girl who loves her pet sheep), Scarlett (who wears a red hood and brings snacks in a basket), Cindy (who must be home by 12:00), Jill (his pail carrying companion), Miss Muffy Moffett (who loves cottage cheese), Ryan Arachnid (spider specialist) Thomas Wolfe, (the newcomer) and John Horner (the shy pie-lover). These friends must solve the mystery quickly before another of their company falls out. They all know the old song "so they all rolled over and one fell out ... there were 8 in the bed and the little one said ..."

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