Trouble At The Masters Stables, a Mystery Party for Kids

Trouble At The Masters Stables

Overview No murder, theft only. Set in the present. Scavenger hunt style. Great for larger groups.

Theme(s): Sports, Ranch Setting.

Recommended for: 6 to 20 boys and girls (with 1 or 2 hosts).

Rating: Everyone.

Description Tucked into a shady corner on the edge of Pasadena, California, the Masters Stables are home to two of the best riding schools in the nation, one Hunter Jumper and one Western. Though the feud between the two schools has been around practically since Mr. Masters opened the stables, everyone agrees the time has come for peace. So, why would someone break the truce by stealing the Manuary Invitational trophy in the middle of the first Unity Day celebration?

On the eve of the Invitational, that doesn't leave the students much time to find the trophy, uncover the troublemaker, and learn the dark truth behind their favorite home away from home. Horse lovers and detectives of all ages needed!

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