Night at the Waskers, a Mystery Party for Adults

Night at the Waskers

Overview This murder mystery game is perfect for older teens and adults who want to dress up and enjoy an evening of exciting, clean-cut fun.

Theme(s): Hollywood Theme.

Recommended for: 9 or 10 guests.

Rating: Everyone.

Description Wasker night is an evening filled with glitz and glamour; a time to celebrate the accomplishments of fellow actors and actresses with the coveted Wasker award. After the awards are handed out, the industry hits the party scene. And no party is more prestigious than the bash held at Oakley Stewart's mansion. This year, however, something goes terribly wrong. Ashley Canne, who hours ago won Best Lead Actress, has been found dead. The guests are not trained detectives, but fortunately, many have played one on television. Cops? Who needs them! This group of celebrities and wannabees will solve the mystery themselves.

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