The Pink Lace Diamond, a Mystery Party for Teens

The Pink Lace Diamond

Overview A large group murder mystery game with several unexpected twists. Suitable for a modern day dinner party setting,this mystery can be run without the need to inform the guests pre-arrival.

Theme(s): Murder Mystery, Scripted with Cast.

Recommended for: 40 or more guests.

Rating: Mature (17 and older).

Description A dinner party underway at the Prince Regent Hotel is rudely interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a screaming hotel cleaner. Before she faints, she manages to inform the gathering that she has discovered the body of a dead man in her broom cupboard. As it turns out the body she has discovered is none other than Peter Gordon, the husband of one of the guests. During the course of the evening the cleaner is herself murdered, and when the cleaner's pockets are turned out by the detective sent to investigate the murder, the famous jewel the "The Pink Lace Diamond" is discovered on their person. However, the jewel is a fake, and so too is the original crime scene so why, where, when and how was Peter Gordon killed? And who killed the cleaner?

A great choice for team building and corporate events.

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