Murder by Magic, a Mystery Party for Teens

Murder by Magic

Overview The annual convention of the Magic Ring is being held in Magic Mansion where host Lord David Coppertone will perform his most dangerous stunt yet. A magical murder mystery.

Theme(s): Magic, Murder Mystery.

Recommended for: 8 guests.

Rating: Mature (17 and older).

Description Lord David Coppertone was hosting the annual convention of the Magic Ring in his new home Magic Mansion which is being attended by the world's top magicians, conjurors, illusionists, escapologists and mystics. Lord Coppertone performs his most dangerous stunt to escape from the medieval iron maiden torture chamber. However all did not go according to plan and Lord Coppertone fails to make the great escape.

Host you own party and discover who conjured up this cunning plan or is it just an illusion?

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