World Animal Rescue II: Mysterious Creatures, a Mystery Party for Kids

World Animal Rescue II: Mysterious Creatures

Overview Set in the present, guests track down clues inside and/or outside (both is usually best). The larger the group, the more room you'll want to hide clues.

Theme(s): Zoo Setting, Scavenger Hunt.

Recommended for: 7 to 13 boys and girls.

Rating: Everyone.

Description A sequel to the World Animal Rescue game.

One year ago group of handlers single-handedly recaptured an entire zoo full of animals to solve the diabolical disappearance of Zoo Director William Irvins. Since then, the world has fallen in love with the brave handlers, and they were given their own show on the Animal Planet Network called, "Mysterious Creatures."

But if our friends thought they left foul play behind at the World Wildlife Zoo, they were wrong. Mystery and murder can happen anywhere, even on a TV set in sunny California.

Collect clues to catch the killer among you in another entertaining, educational, battle of wits! Real world facts, unbelievable fun.

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