The Hip-Hop Murder, a Mystery Party for Teens

The Hip-Hop Murder

Overview At different points throughout the investigation each girl will have an opportunity to perform her own hip-hop dance number to prove her dancing ability.

Theme(s): Music Party.

Recommended for: 6 to 8 guests.

Rating: Everyone.

Description Hip-hop dance sensation Ashley LaRoche has just dropped dead on live TV. While appearing on the music video cable station Pop TV, chatting with VJ Gwen Dafoe, she suddenly fell to the floor, dead. Knowing a ratings windfall when she sees it, Gwen keeps the cameras rolling. She starts grilling the members of Ashley's entourage, convinced one of them has killed her. Gwen uncovers jealousy, bitterness and simmering anger with every turn.

Each member of Ashley's entourage seems to have a dream of being the next Ashley LaRoche. One of them got tired of waiting.

More Information about the PartyMore information about the party.

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