Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die?, a Mystery Party for Teens

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die?

Overview This scripted mystery play with a "Grease"-like feeling is set at the Graduation Prom at Fairfield High in 1959.

Theme(s): 1950s Party, Scripted with Cast.

Recommended for: Large groups with a cast of 7.

Rating: Mature (17 and older).

Description This is it! It's Fairfield High's big prom night and everyone is ready to celebrate.

The whole class of 1959 is here including the cheerleader and her football-star boyfriend, the class rebel and his current fling as well as the class bookworm. But appearances can be deceiving. Someone here is not as nice as someone in their position in the school should be. In fact, someone here has many enemies all well deserved. Prom night is supposed to be one the happiest nights in anyone's life but for someone present this is their last night alive.

Filled with humor and a healthy amount of teen-lingo (1950s style) this is the chance for everyone to laugh as well as solve the mystery. Get your cast together and put on a play!

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