The White Wizard's Convention, a Mystery Party for Teens

The White Wizard's Convention

Overview The White Wizard's convention is a challenging game intended teens and pre-teens. No murder is involved, just the theft of The Staff of Rodena, a magical relic. There is one optional player (Juno Dellina), which can be played by a boy or a girl as optional Security Guard part. An adult can administer the game if desired.

Theme(s): Murder Mystery.

Recommended for: 8 guests with optional guard role and optional adult administrator .

Rating: Teen (13 and older).

Description The White Wizards' Convention, held high in the mountains at the enchanted Carterizius Castle, is underway when a terrible theft occurs. The Staff of Rodena, a powerful magical relic, is stolen!

Those proven to be inside The Rodena display room around the time of the theft are apprehended and the thief is sought. The Protection Wizards are busy working to reverse the memory modification spells placed on The Rodena's security guard. In the mean time, no wizard is going anywhere until The Rodena is returned.

Everyone has a motive, but only one wizard had the opportunity, the experience, and the nerve, to go through with the daring theft.

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