Death of a Pirate, a Mystery Party for Adults

Death of a Pirate

Overview Blake Beard, the famous pirate of all, has decided to be hangin' up his cutlass. He be gettin' a bit old for all of this pillagin' and lootin'. He be givin' all the scurvy sea dogs and land lubbers a chance to be buyin' his treasure map and to be makin' their fortune.

Theme(s): Pirate.

Recommended for: 8 to 10 guests .

Rating: Mature (17 and older).

Description A swashbuckling murder mystery set in the Admiral Longbow Tavern in Port Royal, Jamaica in 1674. A time of pirates, buccaneers, privateers and gentlemen of fortune. Join the party to see Blake Beard auction off his treasure map as he retires from being the scourge of the seven seas.

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