The Teen Idol Mystery, a Mystery Party for Teens

The Teen Idol Mystery

Overview Teen guests will impersonate the latest teen pop band sensation, "The Blue Sparks", with surprising relationships between the characters and jealousy, arrogance, ambition and secret plots. This non-murder mystery party is an ideal ice-breaker.

Theme(s): Music Party.

Recommended for: 8 guests.

Rating: Teen (13 and older).

Description The sizzling pop band "Blue Sparks" is preparing for their first-ever TV appearance. The young musicians hope that it will make the "Blue Sparks" the new teen pop sensation! Guitarist Tyler McArtnay and singer Opal Tiara have secretly planned a special surprise for the show: Tyler will propose to Opal, live on national television! Just when the band is ready for their act, Tyler realizes that the fabulous diamond engagement ring has disappeared from the pocket of his leather vest. The vest had remained in Tyler's hotel room the whole afternoon someone with access to his room must have taken the ring! Did the hotel maid or that obnoxious celebrity photographer who keeps following them around steal the ring? Or could the thief be one of their own band mates? The participants will have fun impersonating teen idols and revealing their scheming and suspicious side as the game unfolds.

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