Fairy Games, a Mystery Party for Kids

Fairy Games

Overview Set in an ordinary place in the present time, this party includes an attempted murder only (poison, not gory).

Theme(s): Fairies, Scavenger Hunt.

Recommended for: 4 to 9 girls.

Rating: Everyone.

Description "I have never believed in fairies!" Rose says, stomping her tiny foot. "And people who do believe in fairies are silly!" She's only kidding, though. After all, if a fairy didn't believe in fairies, that would be pretty silly too, don't you think?

"I don't know why people don't believe in us," she continues. "We've been playing Fairy Games for thousands of Turnes. You'd think everyone would know who we are by now!" Once every Turne, which is kind of like an Earth year but quite a bit longer, fairies take time out of their busy schedules of playing and laughing to reveal themselves to humans. On the Festival of Games, one very special day, the fairies find someone, or some ones, special and spend an entire afternoon playing Fairy Games.

Learn how fairies live. Eat fairy food. Make fairy art. But what happens if you don't want to go back home? What will the Dark Fairies say? You thought it was all just Fairy Games until

Plenty of opportunities for real world learning, skill practice, and creativity.

More Information about the PartyMore information about the party.

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