A Pharaoh's Revenge, a Mystery Party for Adults

A Pharaoh's Revenge

Overview A modern day murder mystery set in the world of the Pyramids and Sphinx. Join some of the top archaeologists for a night of surprises and shocks in the heat of the Egyptian desert.

Theme(s): Egyptian, Murder Mystery.

Recommended for: 8 guests.

Rating: Mature (17 and older).

Description Archie Ollogist, the famous archeologist and Egyptologist is getting close to his quest. For many years he has believed the the tomb of Pharoah Rameses II in the Valley of the Kings was a false tomb. Even the supposed mummy of Rameses II, found in the Royal tombs at Deir el-Bahri, only had a small piece of papyrus with the name Rameses II on it and had no jewels or amulets. Archie believed he had found the secret of the tombs's real location and at a thrilling party he is going to open the small golden chest and reveal the secret which has been hidden for over 3000 years. That is unless the Curse of the Pharoah doesn't get him first!

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