A Knight's Quest, a Mystery Party for Kids

A Knight's Quest

Overview King Arthur is dying. The Knight's of the Round Table have been called together. They are to be sent on 4 quests with the final goal of finding the Holy Grail, a magic cup that will heal the King. However, Mordred and his band of evil knights will be doing everything they can to stop the Knights of the Round Table from helping the King.

Theme(s): Medieval, Scavenger Hunt.

Recommended for: 9 to 16 boys.

Rating: Everyone.

Description This mystery is actually a scavenger hunt. Each of the quests will be in a seperate scavenger hunt for a specific item. The evil knights will be instructed to interfere with the other teams in various ways that will all involve candy or treats of some kind.

More Information about the PartyMore information about the party.

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