Welcome to the Neighborhood, a Mystery Party for Teens

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Overview Time to call the cops? Well that wouldn't be any fun! Someone's got the brilliant idea to turn up the grill and transform the BBQ into a murder mystery party. The result is a night filled with cooky characters, lots of laughs, and one unforgettable who dun'it.

Theme(s): Backyard Setting, Murder Mystery.

Recommended for: 9 to 12 guests.

Rating: Teen (13 and older).

Description Ricki Mortis is beginning to realize why he purchased his new home for a song: his neighbors are loony. In the four months he's lived there, he's been accused of stealing lawn ornaments, soliciting foolish relationships, disregarding town building code, and murdering a beloved family pet. Whether or not he is guilty of these crimes remains to be solved. Nevertheless, the damage is done: The neighbors hate him.

In an effort to mend fences and reverse bad first impressions, Ricki invites the neighbors to a good, old-fashioned backyard barbecue. But when the guests arrive, Ricki Mortis is dead. This game is especially suited for outdoor entertaining.

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