Murder Unscripted, a Mystery Party for Adults

Murder Unscripted

Overview This audience-engaging large group game features fully scripted action complete with stage directions and simple set suggestions. It is perfect in a dinner theater atmosphere where guests are seated and is written more as an audience-interactive play and not as a clue-based game. Great for fundraisers and other large events, this party works best when meals are served in between the four scenes.

Theme(s): Reality Television, Scripted with Cast.

Recommended for: 15 or more guests.

Rating: Everyone.

Description Real employees. A real company. And a real exciting reality show. American Executive is the latest unscripted sensation to hit the small screen. Television executives have invaded a publishing business, and for two months, every move the employees make is captured on film. At the end of each week America votes for the employee they love to hate. The employee with the most votes is sent to the board room where CEO Ronald Crump decides his or her fate. Tonight is another results show. Nerves are raw as host Brian Freequest reads this week's results. But before anyone gets fired, Ronald Crump keels over. It's a homicide.

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