The Hatchet, Esquire, a Mystery Party for Teens

The Hatchet, Esquire

Overview … A present day murder mystery set in a posh downtown lawyer's office. Great for lawyers, students, colleagues or anyone who likes to dress up.

Theme(s): CSI-type Murder Mystery.

Recommended for: 8 to 11 guests.

Rating: Teen (13 and older).

Description … Madelyn Hatcher (a.k.a. the "Hatchet") is a prominent Houston attorney known for butchering witnesses in the courtroom. Madelyn is preparing for her biggest case yet—the defense of oil tycoon Rush Skillay, accused of murdering his wife. But even Madelyn's fervid trial preparations can't keep her from hosting her posh annual office ball. This year, Madelyn's got something up her sleeve. Her invitations promise a "shocking revelation by a mystery guest." As the guests arrive, Madelyn is nowhere to be seen. The party moves into full swing without her—until her body is found strangled and hidden underneath her desk. Now all the guests are suspects. No one's leaving until the identity of the murderer is discovered.

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