World Animal Rescue, a Mystery Party for Kids

World Animal Rescue

Overview The game is set in the present. Guests track down clues inside and/or outside (both is usually best). The larger the group, the more room you'll want to hide clues. Scavenger hunt style.

Theme(s): Zoo Setting, Scavenger Hunt.

Recommended for: 6 to 13 boys and girls.

Rating: Everyone.

Description Top handlers and animal researchers from around the world have come to the World Wildlife Zoo's Annual Convention. This year's convention is very exciting. Rumor has it that the zoo is housing the only known, living Tasmanian tiger, found on a secret island near Tasmania!

But the guests have only begun to get comfortable and share the latest discoveries from their home zoos when Police Investigator Taylor calls for their attention. William Ivins, the Director of World Wildlife Zoo, has been murdered, his office ransacked, and his keys stolen. To make matters worse, all the animals in the zoo have been let out of their habitats!

Save animals, collect clues, and catch the killer among you in this entertaining, educational, battle of wits!

See also World Animal Rescue II: Mysterious Creatures.

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