Murder at Ashton Tower, a Mystery Party for Adults

Murder at Ashton Tower

Overview … A standard format murder mystery game, played in rounds. Perfect for a dinner party or intimate get-together, set in modern times.

Theme(s): 1980s Party.

Recommended for: 8 guests.

Rating: Mature (17 and older).

Description … Towering above the bustling city of Ashton, the prestigious Ashton Tower houses the home offices of Beauties! Magazine, a monthly publication of impressive national readership that has put the city of Ashton on the map. After all, who better than wealthy playboy Max Carrington to rocket a faltering publication toward fame and fortune? But it seems Carrington has made enemies along the way. When Beauties! CEO Max Carrington is found dead, slumped over his desk in his Ashton Tower office early one morning, everyone found on the premises is a suspect. Now they must find out "who dun it," and fast—or they will all face total ruin.

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