Murder on the High Seas, a Mystery Party for Adults

Murder on the High Seas

Overview 1920s murder mystery set on a luxury cruise liner. It has a cast of eccentric, wealthy individuals almost all of whom have something to hide!

Theme(s): Roaring 1920s Theme.

Recommended for: 10 guests.

Rating: Mature (17 and older).

Description It is October 29, 1929. The luxury cruise liner H.M.S Flapper is only a day or so out from its destination of New York after the journey from England. On board is a rare collection of the times rich, famous and perhaps infamous. On the last evening of the cruise the Captain has gathered some of the most interesting and eccentric guests together for a special banquet at his table in the Dining Room. But as the guests finish cocktails and begin to take their seats, the Purser has a terrible announcement to make. Earlier that afternoon the body of the Captain was found floating face down in the enclosed pool on the leisure deck. Purser Roger Seemein has been investigating all afternoon, now he wants to hear what the other guests have to say

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